Is it possible to impulse buy flights? Because I think I did with this trip. The whole process went like this:

Friend: Guys! I found a flight to Carcassonne for £16?! Lets go!


Okay, I’m paraphrasing, but I had no idea where this place was – I had never considered it a place I’d like to visit. Generally, when you hear the south of France, you think of Montpellier or Nice, not Carcassonne. But what a gem.

Le lac de la Cavayère

The old medieval town of Carcasonne is situated in the south of France, about 80km from Toulouse. Not that we cared! So after purchasing the ticket, we thought, what now? where are we staying? What are we doing there?

We’d planned to make this trip as cost effective as possible, opting to stay in an Air bnb apartment, where, I must say was a great first time experience. It was nice to feel like I was coming “home” every evening.

For three nights, the flights and accommodation cost £76.


The food was okay… I mean, it wasn’t something I’d rave about, but generally, food from the restaurants were quite cheap (we ate a lot of cheese!). We also went grocery shopping for breakfast in the apartment which cut costs as we made our own food.

Loved this drink!

Things to do

Visiting the fortified city is a must! This beautiful medieval city sits at the heart of Carcassonne with sights of the castle. Also, I’d also recommend vising le lac de la Cavayère, which is a 15 minute bus journey from the city centre. it costs €2 for a return journey.

In addition, bike riding is a great shout. For €19, we rented bikes for the day and it we felt relatively safe without helmets (and it was so exhilarating!)

Final verdict?

Give it a go! I’d say Carcassonne is worth vising and you won’t break the bank doing it.


Tiffany Afia x