The Eastern Region of Ghana is often known for its natural beauty, with gorgeous mountainous views, cool weather and a total relaxed vibe, hence why I enjoyed my time here so much. I stayed in Koforidua, the regional capital of the Eastern region and just half an hour away from Umbrella Rock and Boti Falls, where Ghana displayed its natural beauty to the fullest!

Umbrella Rock

Umbrella Rock is situated near Boti Falls (about a 10 minute drive) and it is definitely not a place to ignore if you visit the region. We had parked the car at a road nearby and walked through a local cemetery to get to the location. The beautiful views around the location never gets boring; it took my breath away. We were allowed to go under the rock and got a little history lesson about it.

The views from Umbrella Rock
Learning about the Rock’s history
Umbrella Rock

Boti Falls

The beautiful Boti Falls is a spectacular sight. After the 250 steps (it’s a little daunting on the way up) you meet to two falls that make up the Boti Falls. The twin falls are referred to male (on the right) and female (on the left). The male is the larger, less dangerous fall and safe to swim around, whereas the female fall is smaller and extremely dangerous to swim near. The guide did not recommend swimming near the female but said it was safe to swim everywhere else. The best time to visit is during the rainy season or just after, as during the dry season, the falls could dry up completely.

Boti Falls
The ‘Male’ falls
Boti Falls

I’m glad I didn’t skip over this part of my trip. One of my highlights.


A place not to be missed.

Tiffany Afia