Since arriving in Ghana, I’ve had a serious case of writer’s block, where I’ve felt demotivated to write. Sometimes, I’d get my laptop out and think “Today is the day!” whilst staring blankly at my laptop screen.

Writer’s block has a funny way of working. I have had a lot to write, trust me, lists and lists, drafts upon drafts, but they just haven’t materialised. And the excuses creep up. “Tired from work”, “super busy” etc etc.

To be honest, the sheer lack of internet has probably demotivated me the most. The thought of topping up data on my phone, then hotspoting my laptop every time I want to post, especially posts with a lot of pictures was just draining. Maybe I was being lazy, or adjusting to the way of life here was hitting me harder than I thought, but it stopped my from writing.

Staying motivated to write is harder than most bloggers like to admit, but visiting my website and seeing new followers, comments and likes has encouraged me more than I expected.

So I thank you, the block has been lifted.


Tiffany Afia x