Ghanaian or nah?

Have you ever thought that you don’t completely belong to a particular place? Just recently, I felt like that for the first time. I’m a proud British-Ghanaian Londoner who has (until now) always felt secure in my identity.

Coming to Ghana threw a spanner in the works. Someone told me I’m not a Ghanaian based on my place of birth and where I’ve lived all my life. And they’re right. Ish.

You see, growing up in England, saying I was just ‘English’ or ‘British’ was never really an option. I’d always get that question ‘but where are you really from?’ and people would assume that you were ashamed of your heritage if you ‘claimed’ to be just British as an ethnic minority. I’ve always said Ghana, obviously, but now I’m not too sure.

Being in Ghana for a quarter of a year so far has taught me that I’m not actually a Ghanaian, a citizen of the country, but I do have Ghanaian heritage which I am equally proud of.

What are your thoughts?


Tiffany Afia