This sought after festival finally arrived in Accra from the 15th of August to the 21st of August 2016. I’ve been looking forward to the festival since I discovered it in 2014. I took two tro-tros (a mini bus transport system) and a taxi to get to Jamestown, the old Accra. You could tell I was eager to see what Accra had to offer!

Once I saw the lighthouse, I knew that we’d got to the right destination. The vibrancy, the colours,the artists and their work was just a burst of beauty on the old ruins of Jamestown.

It was amazing to see the innovative pieces on display,  the many people appreciating the work  of the aritists and the pride of the respective atists at the event.

To end the saga, there was live music and a wide range of food to buy. I bought my favourite of course, chichinga (spicy kebabs)!

Chalewote is definitely an event that shouldn’t be missed!








Tiffany Afia