I happened to be in this place by chance.

I was meeting up with an old friend and opted to visit a place in New York which weren’t your typical tourist-y place. I was pleasantly surprised when she took us to Fort Tyron Park, in the depths of Washington Heights.

I must admit, it was a nice, little getaway from the busy streets of the inner city. After an hour long subway ride from Brooklyn, I appreciated the tranquility and beauty of the place, perfect for taking long strolls and views of the George Washington Bridge, New Jersey Parisades, Hudson River and Harlem River

This park has now become my favourite place in New York. I’m a stickler for naturally beautiful environments so I couldn’t stop taking pictures!

Here are just a few:

DSC_0007 (5)DSC_0018 (5)DSC_0026 (5)DSC_0041 (3)DSC_0042 (4)

DSC_0039 (4)

Tiffany Afia