Here are a few things I’ve learnt about my natural hair care during my travels:

  1. Prepare before your trip

Make sure your wash day is before the trip, preferably the night before. Depending on how long you’re away, it could save you a lot of time for other thingsIMG_9125

      2. A little goes a long way

I know you’ll be tempted to bring all of your deep conditioners and fancy stuff, but don’t it, it’ll be a waste of space for more important items in your luggage and you’re most like not going to use the majority of it.

       3. Try to keep your routine

Your hair will thank you! Keeping your routine makes it so much easier when you get home.

        4. Check the destinations weather

Learn from me. I really underestimated the heat and humidity in New York so I’d leave with a great braid out and come home to a twa (teeny weeny afro) due to shrinkage! However, humdity can be an added bonus as you don’t need to use as much product in your hair. Keep it simple


        5.Don’t forget your essentials

Essentials include:

  • a wide tooth come
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • leave-in condiner
  • a few bobby pins
  • a hair tie
  • Silk scarf

I think these items would be the most necessary and useful during your trip.

DSC_0038 (3)

Safe travels!


Tiffany Afia