Since my last trip to the U.S in 2012, I’ve been desperate to see the capital for three reasons:

  1. To visit family
  2. To see the White House. President Obama and Michelle Obama live in the best house in America
  3. I wanted to see the Martin Luther King Memorial (opened in 2011) for myself

So I did this in the only way I knew how – as cheap as possible. I took a four hour coach from Broadway, New York to Washington DC for $37 (return, about £28) and it was worth the trip! The weather had been amazing in New York and in Washington D.C, there were blue skies and sun; a world away from the grey skies I’m used to at home in London.

Visiting on a Sunday was better for moving around and there weren’t as many crowds in the tourist areas according to my family. Here are the places I visited for free:

The National Harbor
The National Harbor
Washington Monument
Abraham Lincoln Memorial
Korean War Veterans Memorial
Martin Luther King Memorial
The view from the Abraham Lincoln Memorial
Martin Luther King Memorial
The White House

Visit D.C! I did this trip within a day and it was a welcome change to the hustle and bustle of New York. I’m glad I visited the capital city whilst in the US.

Tiffany Afia