Making good use of your time especially as a student is critical in your success at university. It does get some getting use to, but trust me, these things helped me (and continue to) in very busy time in my life and helped to keep my anxiety at bay for the most part.

Wake up early

Apart from waking up for work or my lectures in the morning, I don’t like to wake up early at all, but I had to force myself during this academic year. There is so much you can get done earlier in the day while your energy is high and relax later in the day. When it was busier periods, I kept myself energised by eating well, taking food supplements and excersising.

Get a diary

Writing my schedule down was a crucial part of managing my time efficiently. Jotting down deadlines, events and meetings with friends was important as I could see what was in the week ahead. I often gave myself a personal deadline for assignments, which were three days before the university deadline, just to make sure I didn’t do any last minute work. It worked for the most part of the academic year.

Make time for socialising too!

Yes, you’re at university to face your books but don’t be a hermit! Make time in your busy schedule to hang out with friends and join societies, but don’t get too carried away; you know why you’re at university *African auntie stare*.


I hope this helps you to organise yourself just as it helped me. These skills are transferable as I still use them after university.

DSC_0450DSC_0372Tiffany Afia