Colour blind racism is dangerous.

If you don’t see colour, you don’t see me.

You’re saying ‘there is something wrong with your colour and I don’t want to see it.’

“When I see you, I don’t see you as black”

This is not a compliment.

You’re telling me that I’m not like how you view other black people to be.

You’re telling me that I have something you don’t like and you’re going to pretend that I don’t have it.

You’re telling me that we can only relate to one another if you pretend that I’m not black.

My skin colour is important to me. My skin is important, not just as the largest organ on my body, but I love me for me, a black woman.

“Differences need not be seen as negative. They are positive, they are valuable” -Jane Elliot (1992)

It is alright to be different.

Don’t erase me – celebrate me. Celebrate us


Tiffany Afia