Lately, I’ve been encouraged, blessed and simply entertained by these Christian Youtubers. I can see that God is doing things through their channels. I’ve shared my favourite channels because they use social media as a platform to spread Gods word, reach many people and inspire with the aim to bring more people to Christ. Here’s my list:

Breeny Lee

Breeny Lee is one of my favourites because she’s so open, welcoming and say things as they are. Her ‘Lets Talk’ series went in some deep stuff, (a few tears were shed) but they were needed and continue to bless many.

Chase God TV

Joe is hilarious and with his wit, he talks about the word in real life situations, particularly about things young Christians are facing. He also does poetry and sings on his channel.

Heather Lindsey

Heather Lindsey uses her platform to encourage sisterhood as Christian ladies (Pinky Promise). Her YouTube channel tackles some uncomfortable issues such as forgiveness, with the Word centred to explain it.

The Bible Project

I can’t stress enough how this channel has blessed me! The Bible Project breaks down the complexity of the bible through beautiful illustrations and make videos on books and themes in the bible. They are a non profit organisation.

Ashley Empowers

Ashley’s videos are inspiring, especially if you want a Christ centred relationship with your partner. Her Dating With Purpose series shows how we as Christians must have Christ at the centre of our relationships. Her main aim is to inspire and she is doing just that!

Theresa Dihoulou (Theresadejavu)

Another YouTuber with a lot of banter! Theresa has testimonies on her channel, not just hers, but of many others. These testimonies are encouraging and spread positive vibes.

I hope you’re blessed and inspired by their videos just as I am. Click their names for links to their YouTube channels.

Tiffany Afia