I’ve known for some time that I have a mild iron deficiency, but during my exam period (April – May) I was extremely fatigued, to the point where I felt sleepy only a couple of hours after waking up in the morning. This was not a normal thing for me; I had a feeling my iron levels were quite low due to my atrocious eating habits during exam period (a bunch of unhealthy snacks!).

Then I remembered an advert on the tube about feeling tired and fatigued and how to combat it. The advert was for Floradix, a  food supplement to reduce tiredness and fatigue. I’ve been taking the supplement for just over six weeks and I have seen a tremendous improvement on how I feel; less headaches, reduced menstrual pain, stronger nails, healthier hair and best of all, I’m not tired all of the time!

I chose Floradix over iron tablets from my GP because Floradix contains natural products and I felt the iron tablets from the GP were too strong, seeing as I’m not anemic and I just needed a boost. The convenient tablet form is perfect, as I can carry them around with me, reducing the likelihood of forgetting to take them.

I’ve seen many benefits from taking these tablets, It’ll be wrong of me not to recommend it.


Tiffany Afia 



 *Disclaimer: 1. Please consult your GP or doctor before using this product

                            2. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own*