2013 was the year I discovered Black & Sexy TV at university. I came across their YouTube page and as my friends and I binged on RoomieLoverFriends, we became hooked. Not only was the show (and others) exceptionally great, but these were relatable characters. Yes, I’m from the UK and these characters are American, but the characters were more relatable than any character on Eastenders.

“Black & Sexy TV is an entertainment and lifestyle network that has coined the phrase Independent TV while creating a slate of programming focused on a young, progressive, Black audience who seek a truer reflection of their modern culture.”

– Black & Sexy TV, 2015

Black & Sexy TV is revolutionary because they’ve aimed to create a network for representation and inclusion on their own. Starting on YouTube, I’ve seen them grow from strength to strength, something that is admirable. In addition, the aim to support black business in the process through collaborations from the music they use to the places they record their shows, is something we could all learn. Personally, I can’t for the Brothers With No Game (big up UK!) and Black & Sexy TV collaboration; I have a feeling it’s going to be epic! Moreover, prior the subscription service, Black & Sexy TV had been producing quality shows, and that is why I admire and continue to support them so much. Most of all, Black & Sexy TV engage with their fans, from Twitter to the After Party episodes, we’ve always felt part of the movement.

In a world where I am not represented adequately in mainstream media , Black & Sexy TV demonstrate how representation matters and moves away from stereotypes, even if mainstream media does not. All of this for $7 (£4 and some change) a month. They even offer a 30 day free trial. Bargain I say!


Tiffany Afia 




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