This trip was honestly the most random trip I’ve been on, yet it was still planned meticulously! Initially, I wanted to go to Berlin solo, my first solo trip, but my brothers joined me, and to be honest, I’m glad they did. It was a trip full of laughter, random moments and enjoyment.

Cheap and Happy

I intended for this trip to be as cheap as possible, starting with the flights. I went on Skyscanner  3 weeks ago, searched for trips in June and found a ticket to Berlin for £11 (one way)! Bargain!

Next, I was on the hunt for free things to visit and do in Berlin and there were plenty of things to see. As a history nerd, I was very interested in visiting historical landmarks, such as the Riechstag building and Checkpoint Charlie. Berlin also has a thriving youth culture, with graffiti art at almost every street corner, so Friedrichshain was definitely on the list of places to visit, and it was free!

Berlin, Germany

After taking the 6:30 am flight from London to Berlin, we had about twelve and a half hours in the city, which was plenty of time. By 3 pm, we had finished visiting all of the landmarks and museums we wanted to see, we even had time for extras. I quickly realised that Google maps was essential on this trip. Without it, exploring Berlin would not have been as easy. Also, the transport system in Berlin gives TFL (transport for London) a run for its money! The trains and buses were so regular, always on time and affordable (€7.60/£5.99 for a day pass), it felt like the epitome of public transport.


East Side Gallery
Somewhere in Berlin
Jakob-Kaiser-Haus. Gorgeous building!
The Reichstag building
Brandenburg Tour
Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe
My passport stamps at Checkpoint Charlie
Templehof Airport, the abandoned airport turned relaxing park
East Side Gallery

I completed this trip within 24 hours; there are no excuses. Berlin is a beautiful city one must try to visit. The city is mixed with old and new sites with gorgeous views, buildings and trendy neighborhoods. Moreover, if you ever want to sit on a runway at an airport where great aeroplanes have been, then look no further. I’ll be visiting Berlin again sometime to eat some currywurst!

Tiffany Afia