I caught the travel bug the moment my six-year-old self sat on the plane to Ghana and experienced a whole new world. In order to feed this hunger, I’ve found savvy ways to travel cheaply for my student budget. This post is to advise and aim to give well informed advice based on my experiences.

1. Do your research

I’m not calling myself an experienced traveler, but I’ve tried to get as much information as possible and the internet is the first place to go. Although the internet can be a great place to find brilliant deals, the great prices can depend on a number of factors; flexibility, when you book the flight and destination. Three weeks ago, I found a flight to Berlin, Germany for £11! (Berlin post coming soon!) Being as flexible as possible and flying during the non-peak seasons helps.

In addition, don’t ignore travel agents! Accredited travel agents can offer great prices on flight, often not available on the internet. I used STA Travel to book flights which were cheaper by 50% compared to the flights I saw on the internet. These tickets were also bought well ahead of the trip. So, being a student has its perks, as I could find flights at a discounted price with STA Travel for that simple fact. They also give deals for young people under 26.

2.  Use third party sites, but be weary of ridiculously low prices

Whilst third party websites can be useful in fishing out good deals, one must still take precautions. Some prices that are ridiculously low on the internet are often prices that are not live. Some third party websites like Momondo and Skyscanner claim to only show live prices, but that is not the case. In a small number of cases, I’ve seen third party sites offer prices from companies which are not credible (ATOL protected), so be careful and use the sites to find flight prices and book directly with the airline or with an accredited travel agent.

3. You may get two holidays for the price of one!

Some flight can be so cheap that you’ll have a very long layover. If you’re like me and love to see new things, treat this as an adventure, not a disadvantage. Of course it’ll depends on where you are going, but once again, do your research! If you plan it properly, you may have enough time to explore that city instead of sitting in an airport for hours on end. You’ll get another holiday for the price of one! Two birds, one stone ey?

Get savvy with your cash and save some whilst you look for that perfect deal. It’ll always be out there, you just have to dig a little deeper.


Tiffany Afia