Recently, I’ve realised that cutting corners during wash day has not been benefiting my hair in any way. My busy life and the lack of patience I’ve had for my hair, led to less time to deep condition my hair, which took a toll on the health of my hair and scalp. The analysis of my scalp did not produce scary results but it spurred me to take better care of my  hair like I did as a newbie to natural hair. So I decided to try higher-end products (for my student budget!) and incorporate better hair care methods such as limiting the amount of product I use.

Deep conditioning your hair leads to increased elasticity, softer, healthier hair as the cuticles of your hair opens and allows more moisture to penetrate the hair shaft, especially if your hair is damaged or permanently coloured.

The KeraCare mositurising conditioner de-tangles and moisturises my hair so efficiently; the product makes my hair feel like silk!  I have got low porosity hair, so deep conditioning helps to keep it soft as the heat from my head is trapped with cling film and a towel, to help the cuticles of my hair open. It also keeps the ends of my hair in tip-top shape.

This combination of KeraCare products have done just that. My hair feels so soft from the wash day to wash day. I re-moisturise every other day with water in a spray bottle and the butter cream (product 3) for added moisture throughout the week.

These tailored hair products have made wash day a lot simpler and efficient as my hair is always left incredibly soft many days after wash day.

Tiffany Afia



*This is not a sponsored post, all products were purchased by myself*