Last week, I visited Afro Hair and Beauty Live in North London and it was full of colourful displays of African print, new hair products, brands and even a live hair trimming competition. However, what was the most beneficial and unexpected for myself was an analysis of the health of my scalp, conducted at the KeraCare stand. This was in order to tailor the hair products I use to help the health of my hair and scalp.

Since dying my hair just over a year ago, my hair and scalp has been quite dry and to be honest, I have become complacent with my hair; I haven’t been deep conditioning my hair and using protein treatments as much as I should since having colour-treated hair. The handheld camera microscope showed:

  • The strands of my hair are fine hairs but I have a lot of it as it is densely packed
  • My scalp looked relatively healthy but I had some clogged pores. This is due to the over use of oils on my scalp. I tend to put jojoba oil on my scalp every time I moisturise my hair, which according to the hair specialist, was too much oil on my scalp.
  • There was some build up and over use of hair products on my scalp and hair. Since my hair was due for a wash that evening, I had expected to see some build up.

Since having the scalp analysis, I’ve consciously made the effort to reduce the amount of product I use in my hair. The analysis showed how a little does go a long way without clogging up the pores in your scalp and creating a lot of build up. Also I’ve aimed to reduce the use of heavy butters like shea butter during the warmer months (even though it’s never really warm when it’s supposed to be in London). Butters like shea butter are great during the winter when my hair feels dry nearly all the time, but during the summer, it can make my hair feel quite heavy.

My new regimen will consist of more deep conditioning, using less product and moisturising more often. Let’s see how this goes!

Tiffany Afia