For many reasons, but that’ll make this post long winded (For more information about the Brexit and Bremain campaigns, click here). People from my demographic (under 24) are less likely to vote in the upcoming EU referendum compared to the older generation, however, recent polls show that we have polarising views; the younger generation are more likely to vote to remain in the EU, whilst the older generation (65+) are more likely to vote to leave the EU.

Politicians say we are less likely to vote because we are simply not interested, however, the outcomes of the EU referendum are going to affect us the most. With fears of getting a visa to travel, work and study in Europe, threats of a weaker economy to a stronger NHS, it is safe to say that the facts about the costs of leaving or remaining in the EU are not giving us any definitive answers. The truth is, no one knows the full extent of how Britain will benefit or lose. We are relying on estimates.

Nevertheless, make the effort, engage in the arguments on both sides and participate. We should make our voices heard and reduce the likelihood of the older generation dictating our future.

Whichever way you vote in the referendum, make sure your vote is counted. Register to vote before the 7th of June 2016 and make a difference in the first EU referendum since 1975.