Now I know there are PLENTY of shea butter mix recipes on the internet but I thought I’d share my recipe. I mean, I could help someone, maybe 🙂

Tiffany’s Shea Butter Mix

750g of raw shea butter (I get mine from Ghana, but it is available online)

Three tablespoons of pure coconut oil – to seal in moisture

Three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil – to condition the hair follicles and add shine

One tablespoon of vitamin E oil – to encourage hair growth

Two tablespoons of avocado oil – to moisturise the hair and scalp

Two drops of tea tree oil – to help eliminate dandruff

Two drops of peppermint oil – stimulate the scalp for hair growth

2014-08-01 17.00.57

I did not melt the raw shea butter because it changes the components of the butter and it gives it a different texture. This means that a lot of arm power is used to break down the raw shea butter (even though I used a hand mixer) to create a light and fluffy mixture.

The results:
2014-08-01 19.28.22
Enjoy! Tiffany xx