I remember the first time I saw Lupita Nyong’o.

It was on my laptop screen, watching ‘MTV Shuga’ (Season 1), an African drama about young people, HIV, sex and friendship. Set in Kenya, Lupita’s home country, I thought it was so different from the over dramatised Nollywood dramas I’m so used to seeing when a friend or relative suggests to watch an African program.

I was pleasantly surprised by her amazing acting skills (and yes, I didn’t have any high hopes. Clearly the East Africans do it better :D) and there was so much talent which was oozing out of her acting. ’12 Years a Slave’ was also an amazing performance (the Patsy and the soap scene had me in tears!). She’s just brilliant isn’t she?

What also caught my eye was her skin colour. From Instagram to fashion websites and blogs, everyone has been raving about it. A beautiful, dark brown, no one can deny the beauty of it. But let’s be frank here. There aren’t a lot of dark-skinned women in Hollywood, and I don’t mean Gabrielle Union ‘dark’, I mean Lupita Nyong’o dark. This dark complexion is largely never seen on our television screens. We are never exposed to the beauty of it. But I love it! Although I feel that it will be short-lived, I love how there is finally a recognition of women of Nyong’o’s calibre, dark-skinned women who are celebrated and viewed as beautiful.

Her impeccable fashion sense is just amazing, it seems as though everything she come out with is hailed within the fashion world. However is it fair to say Lupita is the new dark-skinned ‘it’ girl?. I definitely believe so. But who did she replace? And why can’t there be many more beautiful dark-skinned women to get as much media attention?

Or is it on a ‘one at a time’ basis?

What are your thoughts? Comment below 🙂

Tiffany x